About Us & a Mac/OSX Security Warning

This is the Security Updates and Tech Blog for Your Nerdy Friends. From time to time, I will be adding posts either about security warnings for my customers, and/or interesting tech updates. I will try to cover as many different topics as possible.

Apple users for years have enjoyed the “security through obscurity” protection of not being as popular as Windows Computers. While it’s true that the overwhelming majority of viruses and other malware are aimed strictly at Windows computers, Macs are vulnerable to virus and malware attacks.

A new one is making the rounds, disguised as a Microsoft Word attachment. The attachment contains Macros (small sections of executable programming) and if opened by an unsuspecting user, can immediately infect your computer.

Read more about it here.

Security Tip: Do not open attachments from an email sent by a person unknown to you. For any reason. Do not open unexpected attachments from people you do know. Attachments should always be suspect.

If you get an attachment, email the person who sent it in a separate email. DO NOT REPLY to the original email for several reasons.

As always, if you think you might have been affected by any kind of virus or malware, and need some help, please give us a call so we can help! Contact nerdy@sonic.net or call 707.478.9601!

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