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Your Nerdy Friends began as a small format-conversion and video-editing business in early 2000. We have expanded our format-conversion business. Below is a list of the things we can convert from, and convert to:

    • 35mm Slides to JPG, PNG or TIFF on a CDROM or DVD-R
    • 8mm video to VHS, VHS-C, DVD-R, or CDROM or Digital File (MP4/MKV)
    • VHS or VHS-C video to DVD-R, Digital File (MP4/MKV)
    • Video Cleanup (Remove unwanted VHS segments, etc.)
    • Video Editing, Titling, Music, etc.
    • Video Slideshows: Take your still pictures and turn them into an interesting video slideshow.
    • We do not shoot video.
    • LP Record to MP3, WAV or any other digital audio format
    • LP Record to Cassette
    • Cassette to MP3, WAV or any other digital audio format
    • Personal audio files to CD, MP3 or any other digital audio format


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With over 25 years of Corporate IT Management experience, Your Nerdy Friends can handle your entire IT support needs. From Servers to Networks to Laptops to Desktops to Backup, Disaster Recovery, even Budgeting & Planning, we can do it all.


All that Corporate IT experience has to count for something! We've leveraged that experience for individuals that need a high-level of technical support. We do Windows! Also OSX/Mac, iOS, BlackBerry and Android (Kindles & Echoes, too!)

Format Conversions

We also convert both audio and video. 35mm Slides to DVD or CD, VHS to DVD, VHS-C to DVD, 8mm to DVD. We can petty much convert anything to anything as far as audio and video go. Contact us for more info!